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Healthcare's preferred SMS delivery platform for more personalized care

Empower patients with timely, relevant, and accurate health information

Engage patients and care teams with the right content, at the right time, on their preferred screen.

Automated workflows keep you focused on the patient's experience

Say goodbye to complex apps. Reach patients instantly with a 98% open rate - the power of SMS in healthcare.

Gain visibility to patient progress like never before

Collect patient insights and achieve better outcomes with smart alerts.

Drive to a more fulfilling healthcare experience with SMS communication.

98% Open Rate
Virtually all of the messages sent will be read by the patient.
Read within 3-5 min
Deliver content and communication in real time.
30%+ Click Rate
Drive your patients to where you want them to go.

Holistic care that keeps patients and care takers engaged

Smart workflows help educate and engage everyone in the care circle.

Build better patient relationships

Streamline patient communication without the time burden.

Transforming Healthcare through Efficient Communication

Better patient  engagement

Communicate directly with patients via SMS to monitor symptoms, improve adherence, and remotely manage efficacy of treatment plans.

Simplify patient analysis

Efficiently collect and analyze patient trial information to enrich their analysis and findings when executing trials or studies.

Care at your patients fingertips.

Keep patients and their caretakers informed on treatment plans at all times without complex systems and workflows.

The One-Stop Solution for Efficient Healthcare Communication

Take your patient care and communication to the next level, with Subflow Health.